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Antaki has an active R&D Department and sucsseded to make a lot of Research and Development activity by testing a larg number of medecinal plants on different indications.

R&D Strategy: the Company strives to enhance its proprietary knowledge base by exploring existing herbal ingredients and learning the properties of new ones. This will enable the Company to add value to its products line by constantly introducing new and improved products to the market and answering specific market needs. Continuous R&D will also enable the Company to grant regional distributors exclusive marketing rights for their products

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MediCinna company is established by the manager of Antaki Center for Herbal Medicine Ltd.

bullet MediCinna company was founded by Dr.Omar Said in a....

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The new book :"GRECO-ARAB AND ISLAMIC HERBAL MEDICINE" by Prof. Bashar Saad and Dr.Omar Said is now in markets.

bullet ....

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