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  Antaki’s Herbal Products

Antaki’s herbal products are based on extensive knowledge of traditional Arab Medicine. The Company specializes in selecting and formulating herbal mixtures, utilizing both traditional practices and modern science

The Company’s products are based on extensive ethno pharmacological surveys conducted among well-known indigenous herbal practitioners in the Middle East in order to evaluate the potential of local plants still in use today for treating different diseases and illnesses

The surveys revealed that 129 plant species are still in use in the area of Arab folk traditional medicine for the treatments of various diseases

The Company current product line contains over 40 items, all tested to ensure their biological effectiveness and nontoxicity. The Company’s products can be roughly divided into two main product categories:

  1. Systemic products in the form of capsules, mainly for paramedical applications (such as dietary supplements) and for complementary medicine
  2. Topical products in the form of cream and ointments, for cosmetic use
  3. Products in the PipelineAntaki’s luxuriant products pipeline contains various herbal remedies, based on the company’s proprietary knowledge.


MediCinna company is established by the manager of Antaki Center for Herbal Medicine Ltd.

bullet MediCinna company was founded by Dr.Omar Said in a....

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The new book :"GRECO-ARAB AND ISLAMIC HERBAL MEDICINE" by Prof. Bashar Saad and Dr.Omar Said is now in markets.

bullet ....

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