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Corporate Background
Traditional Arab Medicine
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Antaki Center for Herbal Medicine Ltd. (hereinafter “Antaki” or “the Company”) develops a wide variety of medicinal herbal formulations based on traditional Arab medicine.

The Company believes that its unique products portfolio offers end-users various traditional medicine alternatives that are:
  Highly efficient
  Treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions
  Inherently Safe to use
  Nontoxic tested

The Company’s unique concept derives from rich tradition of Arab medicine, rooted in the Middle East, ancient Greece and Islamic medicine, utilizing new yet unexplored botanical drugs, based on advanced research and development activities

  Corporate Background    

Antaki is a privately held company, established in 1998 and commenced activity in 1999. The Company is located in Kafar Kanna and currently employs 10 people

The Company was founded by Dr. Omar Said, a pharmacologists and Mr. Khaled Khalil, a herbalist and healer, highly experienced researchers in the field of traditional Arab medicine

The Company is supported by Mr. Roayat Marei, as a director of business development

The Company protects its Intellectual Property and has submitted a patent application to protect its anti-psoriasis cream development. The Company intends to submit additional patent applications.

  Traditional Arab Medicine    

It is widely agreed among medical historians that traditional Arabic medicine (originally based on ancient Greek Galenical knowledge) is the basis of European herbal medicine and modern medicine, as we know it today

Traditional Arab medicine is highly documented, encompassing a large number of texts, still practiced today in many areas, including Egypt, Syria and other regions, and among Bedouin populations in the Middle East. Some of the top selling herbal products of today, such as garlic, milk thistle and feverfew, are derived from Arabic medicine

Antaki’s wide knowledge of traditional Arab medicine presents the following market opportunities:

  • Introducing a line of new active compounds, different from common Chinese or Indian medicine currently available compounds
  • Ease of registration, resulting from the is considerable documented knowledge and safety data in this tradition, including some semi-official European monographs
  • As there is little commercial activity in this sector, Antaki is quickly becoming a leader in drug discovery in this niche

  Mission Statement    

Antaki’s mission is to become a leading developer and provider of innovative natural botanical products, highly effective and safe, utilizing its unique knowledge of Arabic medicinal plants and modern pharmacology

The following are the key Company objectives:

  • To supply novel research based natural products, that are of a superior effectiveness and safety in comparison to currently available drugs
  • To constantly develop and enhance the Antaki products pipeline by exploring, identifying and integrating new medicinal plants
  • To form strong alliances and strategic partnerships with local partners in the traditional medicine industry in target countries
  • To generate significant revenues from the Antaki’s products portfolio

These objectives will be accomplished via the combination of strong R&D; activities and the establishment of relationships with key players in the traditional medicine industry, in order to provide end-users with Antaki’s innovative novel botanical products

  Business Strategies    

R&D; Strategy: the Company strives to enhance its proprietary knowledge base by exploring existing herbal ingredients and learning the properties of new ones. This will enable the Company to add value to its products line by constantly introducing new and improved products to the market and answering specific market needs. Continuous R&D; will also enable the Company to grant regional distributors exclusive marketing rights for their products

IP Strategy: The Company pays special importance to protecting its intellectual Property assets. The company will submit patents applications to protect its products on the following levels:

  • Phase I - active ingredients level
  • Phase II - active compounds level

Manufacturing Strategy: due to the endemic raw materials compounding the Company's products, Antaki’s manufacturing will be carried out in Isreal. the Company’s manufacturing strategy is comprised of two following levels:

  • Short term production is carried out by subcontractors, based on the Company’s proprietary knowledge
  • Long term production: in order to reduce long term production costs and to monitor large scale production procedures, the Company will establish a production plant during 2008/9

Raw Materials Supplies: the Company uses Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean plants as raw materials. In order to conserve and cultivate the medicinal plants that serve as the Company’s raw materials and ensure their sustainable use, during 2008 Antaki will develop commercial cultivation methods for various plants

Safety and Compliance Strategy: Antaki will ensure that all its products meet rigorous healthcare standards worldwide, and are:

  • Compatible with national regulation policies of traditional medicine practices
  • Constitute a strong evidential base on their safety, efficiency and quality
  • Promoting therapeutically sound use by providers and consumers
  • Well Documented and containing required documentation records

  Key Achievements     

In accordance with its marketing strategy, the Company had signed two marketing agreements with two distributors:

  • 1. Sprunk-Jansen (“SJ”), a Denmark based company, that specialized in marketing and distribution of traditional healthcare products. According to the agreement, SJ acquired exclusive marketing rights on 26 products, and has first refusal rights of Antaki’s new developed products. SJ will market Antaki’s products worldwide (excluding Israel and the Palestinian Authority)
  • 2. Samco, a Israeli based company associated with a subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. Samco acquired exclusive marketing rights on 13 products and will market Antaki’s products in Israel and the Palestinian Authority

In order to extend its span of control and to supervise marketing activities, Antaki has recently signed an additional agreement with SJ, according to which Antaki will transfer the proprietary rights of the 26 products to a new subsidiary company that will be established by Antaki. SJ will receive 25% of the new subsidiary’s shares in return to 10% of SJ’s shares that will be granted to the new subsidiary

In February 2006 Antaki had signed an agreement with Lycored, a supplier of various nutritional ingredients to the dietary supplement and functional food industries, granting Lycored an exclusive right to utilize Antaki’s developments regarding the treatment of heartburn, in return to down payment and royalties

The Company believes that its future product portfolio in general, and pipeline products as diabetes treatment and natural antibiotics will enable it to sign additional similar agreements with leading industry players. Currently the Company is negotiating with several leading distributors to market and utilize additional products in various development stages


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